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Lead Crystal

Lead Crystal Batteries – Betta Batteries from Deltec

RECYCLABLE Up to circa 99% – and far fewer batteries need be produced/used.
GREENER No dangerous acid mist or harmful gas emissions. Non-corrosive. Significantly less pollution. ISO 14001 certified.
SAFER No toxic fluid. No hazardous emissions. No risk of explosion.
EASY TRANSPORT Classified as non-hazardous for transportation. The only battery allowed for air-freight as normal goods.
GUARANTEED QUALITY Each battery comes with a standard 3 year factory guarantee – ISO 9001 certified.
BETTER USAGE PERFORMANCE Charges 20% – 40% faster than conventional alternatives. Excellent high current discharge ability.
FULL RECOVERY Can be 100% discharged and then restored to full-rated capacity daily, with no risk to battery life.
LONG BATTERY LIFE Service life of 18-20 years at 25°C. Up to 3,100 charge/discharge cycles.
LONG SHELF LIFE Can be stored for 2 years with no additional charging. Simplifies Logistics.
EXTREME TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE Operates at temperatures from -40°C to +65°C

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