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Protective / mounting frame (medium)


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These frames are designed to provide a simple protective and mounting option for a solar panel in a 4×4 or outdoor leisure environment. A panel on its own is relatively difficult to mount or install but if fitted into one of these frames then the frame can be drilled, welded and/or brackets attached to it to suit the user???s desired mounting method. The frame can even be strapped or tied down while the solar panel is safely fitted into the frame. It provides the owner with the flexibility to mount the solar panel where ever they choose. Optionally, you can buy a set of feet or adapters and use these for mounting the frame onto a roofrack or similar structure. This frame is suitable for a portable or permanent application.

The frame is made from aluminium, powder coated in silver and is suitable for medium sized solar panels up to about 90W.

Note that each frame is manufactured for a specific solar panel, and only for panels sold by BushPower.

The height and width of the frame is dependant on the solar panel selected, but generally each frame adds 60mm to the width and 36mm to the length of each panel???s dimensions, /-2mm.


  • The above pricing only applies to frames purchased with solar panels from BushPower.
  • If the client requires assembly and installation then an additional labour cost of R114.00 incl VAT will apply to put the frame together and to install the solar panel into the frame.
  • If the solar panel is not purchased from BushPower then the frame, brackets and fasteners can be purchased as loose items with an additional charge of R57.00 incl VAT.