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Genuine Anderson Products 50A 2 pole connector (red)


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These 50 amps connectors are strongly recommended where a tight clean connection is required or where a higher current is needed. Examples of these are for fridges which are either permanently or semi-permanently wired in, inverters up to about 500W (for larger inverters please use the 175 amp Brad Harrison connectors), compressors, powerful search lights, etc.

Connectors do not come in male and female forms. A single connector is both a plug and a socket. If you need to make a connection with these connectors, you need 2 connectors – you simply plug one into the other, and when you do so the positive and negative wires automatically connect together.

To connect them:

  • fit the cables to each connector
  • take one connector in one hand
  • take the other connector and turn it “upside down” with your other hand
  • push them together until they click, i.e. lock

    Current rating50A
    Voltage rating600V AC/DC
    Wire size1.3mm2 to 13.3mm2
    Average contact resistance200 ??ohms
    Insulation withstanding voltage2200V AC/DC
    Life, no load, connect & disconnect10 000 cycles
    Operating temperature range-20?? to 105??C

    Price is per connector.