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Battery Buddy, with 220V Charger


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The Battery Buddy, used to make the most out of your Lumeno LED products and 7.2Ah battery.

This plastic cap includes lugs to clip onto the spade terminals of a standard 12V 7.2Ah UPS/Alarm battery, and features the following:


Durable Plastic Cap to clip onto the battery
Cigarette Lighter socket for plugging in lights or accesories
Input socket for charging via 220V
220V Charger
12V Cigarette lighter socket cable for charging from your vehicles alternator whilst driving
Cigarette lighter socket with 3m extension, compatible with Lumeno LED strip lights

Note: Excludes battery. Choose between the standard AGM 12V 7.2Ah Alarm battery, or for better performance, the Lead Crystal12V 7.2Ah battery.