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BushPower Eco Charger 30W – Kit #1


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This kit is designed to trickle charge a battery entirely from solar power, and can replace a traditional trickle/maintenance charger which requires Eskom power. Suitable for trickle charging up to 1 x 105Ah battery. It can also be used to charge smaller batteries, such as the 7Ah batteries used for LED Lighting, alarms and gate motors.

The kit is available as a complete kit, everything you need is included:

  • A 30W solar panel.
  • A Victron PWM Light 5A regulator (this is a great good quality regulator with 5 year warranty).
  • 5m cable, made from 2.5mm ripcord, to connect the solar panel to the regulator.
  • 2m cable with crocodile clips, made from 4mm cable, to connect the regulator to the battery.


  • Likely daily energy output: 8Ah to 15Ah (facing the sun on a sunny clear day). Minimum: 0Ah (overcast and rain). Maximum: 18Ah (tracking the sun on a fully clear mid summer day). Figures are for guidance only, for a clean solar panel and other factors.
  • The solar panel is weatherproof so can be mounted permanently and left out in the sun or rain. Note: No frame is included, and the panel should be secured if left outside permanently, to prevent it being damaged by wind.
  • The solar regulator is NOT water or dust proof, and must be mounted in a cool, dry and dust free environment!!!

    For the solar panel’s and regulator’s specifications please click on the links for the individual components in the RELATED PRODUCTS section below.

    Note that the prices for this pre-configured kit is fixed. If you would like to change any individual item then the prices applicable to each individual component will apply.