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BushPower Little Toybox


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The BushPower Little Toybox. So named because my children reckon you can charge all your toys with it. 🙂

It is a 7.2Ah AGM battery, housed in a solid Gewiss Waterproof Enclosure, with a 6 LED light mounted onto it. It can be used in your home when there are power failures. When you are camping, as a portable light or power source. The cigarette socket allows you to plug in must external phone or tablet chargers. Plus it has a grey brad harrison plug, so you can charge from your vehicle???s auxilliary battery whilst driving.

We can make up an optional conversion cable to enable you to use an AC/DC charger, through the grey brad harrison plug.


  • 7.2Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery – Standard alarm battery size, so future replacements are not a problem
  • Cigarette socket
  • Grey 50A Connector, used as output, or for charging purposes. Note that you will need a grey 50A connector on your charger, in order to be able to connect it to the Little Toybox.

    Note: We recommend the Ctek XS0.8 charger, if you wish to charge the battery using AC power. You can use any intelligent battery charger.