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Discover EV31A Dry Cell 115Ah Deep Cycle Battery


High capacity AGM battery which fits a standard 105 battery box. AGM performance but at a much more attractive price.

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Discover EV Series Industrial Batteries provide superior high integrity and reliability for commercial, industrial and private applications.
The maintenance free, thick plate construction, designed for tough applications and repeated deep discharging makes the EV Series
the definitive choice for robust Traction applications, including home medical equipment, electric vehicles, automated guided vehicles, aerial lifts, floor cleaning equipment, robotics, materials handling, renewable energy and marine / RV applications.

The Discover EV range features the following:

  • Maintenance Free Clean & Green choice of original equipment manufacturers
  • Traction heavy duty grid design (PbCaSn) gives consistent active material adhesion and corrosion resistance.
  • High Impact reinforced copolymer and polypropylene cases with flat top designs.
  • A recognized gas recombination efficiency of greater than 99.9%.
  • Multiple terminal configuration and carrying handles.
  • Classified as a non-spillable battery.
  • Comprehensive design to conserve resources, improve safety and reduce waste. 98% recyclable.
  • Being completely sealed, this battery can be used in any position, even on it???s side.Note:
    It is recommended that a Ctek D250S be used to charge this battery, as it requires voltages in excess of 14.7V during the bulk charging phase, which a normal vehicle alternator is not able to provide. If 2 or more of these batteries are connected in parallel, then it is recommended to install a Ctek Smartpass, to be used in conjunction with the Ctek D250S, to minimize charging time whilst driving.Specifications

    Battery type Traction dry cell, maintenance free
    Capacity (@ 20h rate) 115Ah
    Cold cranking amps (-18oC) EN 785
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 172 x 232mm
    Weight 33kg
    Terminal layout Standard tapered terminals and M8 stud terminal
    Warranty 2 years