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Enertec 105Ah deep cycle battery (taper terminals)


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The Energizer are new technically advanced Group 31 batteries. These batteries have had a technical upgrade which includes the “PowerFrame Grid.
Advantages of the PowerFrame grid:

  • The new frame minimises grid growth and prevemts short circuits.
  • Optimised for energy flow, lower resistance and better conductivity.
  • The grid is punched, ensuring greater precision.
  • Greater all round strength.
  • More cranking power.
  • Even better cycling capabilities.
  • Strength and reliability you have always been used to – just better.Specifications
    Battery type Lead-acid, maintenance free
    Capacity (@ 20h rate) 105Ah
    Reserve capacity 165 minutes
    Cold cranking amps (-18oC) EN 680, BCI 625, IEC 450, DIN 400
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 330 x 175 x 240mm
    Weight 26.3kg
    Terminal layout Standard tapered terminals
    Warranty 2 years