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National Luna 40Amp DC/DC Charger with Remote Display


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National Luna 25Amp DC/DC Charger only


  • Remote Display
  • Input Voltage Range from Alternator 11V – 32V
  • Input Voltage Range from Solar 9V – 42V
  • MPPT Solar Regulator up to 600W or 40Amps
  • Switch on at 13.2V and Off at 12.6V when using voltage detection mode
  • Smart Alternator Ready using ignition override
  • 40Amp Charger from Alternator
  • Operating Temp -20Deg to 85Deg
  • Protected from:- Reverse Polarity, Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature, Bad Battery Detect
  • 12V and 24V input
  • Supports solar panels up to 42VoltsBattery Types Supported, Bulk Charging Voltage, Float Voltage
    AGM/Gel, 14.4V, 13.6V
    Standard Wet, 14.6V, 13.6V
    Calcium, 14.8V, 13.6V
    Li-Ion, 14.4V, 13.6VSPECIFICATIONS

    External dimensions (L x W x H) 158mm x 115mm x 53mm
    Ingress Protection IP67