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National Luna dual battery isolator – Land Rover Version (Grey Backing)


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The National Luna Intelligent solenoid has been designed to be a compact, automatic, parallel split-charge isolator for motor vehicles. The product features intelligent control electronics and a low-loss, high-current solenoid rated for extreme environments.
Installing the Intelligent solenoid is simple and can “piggy-back” off the vehicle???s main battery without any ignition “tapping”, ensuring that existing vehicle wiring is not tampered with.
The Intelligent Solenoid is supplied as a fully-functional split-charge isolator, no cables, batteries or other hardware is supplied. Battery monitor, lugs, cables and batteries are available separately.


  • Simple installation
  • Low-loss solenoid
  • Automatic connection and isolation
  • Plug-in port for remote monitor
  • No ignition wiring necessary
  • Alternator over-load protection
  • Removed battery, damaged battery and short-circuit protection
  • Can also be installed in trailers or caravans
  • 3 minute time delay before the unit disconnects, to cater for Discovery 4 smart alternators that switch off when brakingSpecifications:
    Power supply 8V – 15V (display range 11.4V – 14.2V)
    Switched current 85A continuous, 400A peak
    Power consumption 40mA average on standby, 780mA max with solenoid engaged
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 130 x 115 x 75mm
    Weight 0.58kg excluding connections