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Solar 4×4 Kit – 100W DIY


Ah x 80% x 4h / 8h
Max Ah x 90% x 10h

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If you are handy with a few tools and have time to spare, a BushPower DIY solar kit is a cheaper alternative to a ready made kit. By choosing the DIY kit you are guaranteed quality components at the lowest possible price: all the components you need are included, all that is required is to SELECT A SOLAR REGULATOR OF YOUR CHOICE.

A 100W solar panel is an excellent option to keep a fridge and a couple of lights running. This of course is completely dependant on the weather and the total energy being consumed but this size panel stands a good chance of putting into a battery most of what a fridge takes out on a daily basis. So this solar panel kit is the ideal solar solution for people that have the space and budget to buy a medium-sized solar panel.
Even if the 100W solar panel cannot generate enough energy to keep a fridge running permanently, it will be enough to extend the battery’s life by three or four more days.

The kit is available as a DIY kit, everything you need is included:

  • A Renewsys 100W solar panel (this is a short and wide panel suitable for just about all vehicles and installations). Note the image shows an additional alu frame, which is NOT included in the kit.
  • The cable and connectors needed to make the cables to connect the solar panel to the regulator, the regulator to the battery, and an extension cord: 12 metres of 4mm2 ripcord, 2x 2 pole 50A grey connectors, 2x 4/10mm cable lugs, and heatshrink.
  • NOTE that to keep the DIY kits combinations as simple as possible, a solar regulator is NOT INCLUDED – please select a solar regulator of your choice.Features
  • Likely daily energy output: 18Ah to 35Ah (facing the sun on a sunny clear day). Minimum: 0Ah (overcast and rain). Maximum: 40Ah (tracking the sun on a fully clear mid summer day). Figures are for guidance only, for a clean solar panel and other factors.
  • The solar panel, in its protective frame, can be mounted onto a roofrack, load bars, canopy, etc. or can be placed on the ground at an angle facing the sun.
  • The solar panel with frame and connection are weatherproof so can be mounted permanently and left out in the sun or rain.Specifications
    For details / specifications of the individual components please click on the links in the RELATED PRODUCTS section below.Note that the price for this kit is fixed. If you would like to change any individual item then the prices applicable to each individual component will apply.