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Solar 4×4 Kit – 80W #3


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A 85W solar panel is an excellent option to keep a fridge and a couple of lights running. This of course is completely dependant on the weather and the total energy being consumed but this size panel stands a good chance of putting into a battery most of what a fridge takes out on a daily basis. So this solar panel kit is the ideal solar solution for people that have the space and budget to buy a medium-sized solar panel.

Even if the 80W solar panel cannot generate enough energy to keep a fridge running permanently, it will be enough to extend the battery’s life by two, three or more days.

The kit is available as a complete kit, everything you need is included:

  • An  80W solar panel (this is a short and wide (670 x 860 excl frame) panel suitable for just about all vehicles and installations).
  • A Victron MPPT 15A regulator with digital display (this is a great good quality regulator with bluetooth). This regulator can handle 3 x 80W solar panel on the input and two fridges.
  • The cables and connectors needed to connect the solar panel to the regulator and the regulator to the battery: a short cable with connector on the back of the panel, a 5 metre cable from the back of the solar panel to the regulator’s solar input, and a 2 metre cable to connect the regulator to the battery. All cables, connectors and battery lugs are supplied ready-made.
  • A 20 metre extension cord so you can camp in the shade and place the panel in the sun.Features
  • Likely daily energy output: 15Ah to 30Ah (facing the sun on a sunny clear day). Minimum: 0Ah (overcast and rain). Maximum: 46Ah (tracking the sun on a fully clear mid summer day). Figures are for guidance only, for a clean solar panel and other factors.
  • The solar panel can be mounted onto a roofrack, load bars, canopy, etc. or can be placed on the ground at an angle facing the sun.
  • The solar panel and connection are weatherproof so can be mounted permanently and left out in the sun or rain.Specifications
    For details / specifications of the individual components please click on the links in the RELATED PRODUCTS section below.

    Note that the prices for this pre-configured kit is fixed. If you would like to change any individual item then the prices applicable to each individual component will apply.