Suppliers of quality power products for the 4x4 and Outdoor Enthusiast

Welcome to BushPower

BushPower is a company specializing in solar panels and power products in the 4×4 and outdoor leisure market or where an eco-friendly power solution is required. Whether for leisure, a house, a lodge, or even a remote transmitter site, BushPower can assist.

I offer a one-stop-shop, where you will find everything needed to install your equipment. Besides solar panels and associated items, the product range also includes a full range of DC to AC inverters, DC to DC power adapters for notebooks, deep cycle and high cycle batteries, including AGM batteries, battery chargers, fridges and freezers, power backup units and UPSs, LED lights, and of course connectors and cables.
All the products have been carefully chosen, are of a high quality, and are offered at extremely competitive prices. Most items – including solar panels – can be couriered countrywide or posted for an additional fee.

On this web site you will find product information with prices and relevant details. If you need further information, or have any suggestions, please contact us.