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3kW Grid Tie System


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This is just an example of a grid tied system. It is not something you can or should just buy “Off the shelf”. It should be done in consultation with us, because if you get it wrong, it can end up costing you more money than you save.

This BushPower 3kW Solar PV system is designed to provide between 40% – 60% of the consumption of a typical family home. Typical power generation is in the region of 350 – 450 kWh per month, depending on roof inclination and direction. This assumes the solar PV array is in full sun for the entire day.
This is just an example of a system, but ideally the size of the system should be discussed and the correct system will be quoted on. This can vary a lot from one home to the next.

The system is a grid tie system, and works as follows:
The Solar array provides DC current to the SMA Grid Tie inverter. The inverter monitors the incoming AC current, and matches the AC output with the grid, in terms of voltage and frequency. When the voltage of the Solar PV array is above a start-up threshold, the inverter will switch on. This typically happens first thing in the morning when the sun comes up. During the day, the inverter continues to feed AC power into the house’s distribution board, and any consumers (Appliances) of power will receive power directly. If there is a shortfall of power, then power will be taken from the grid connection. If there is an excess of power, then power will feed into the grid. Note: Check if your local municipality supports grid feed-in. If not, the use of a SMA Home manager is mandatory to prevent power from feeding into the grid.
In a nutshell, the BushPower 3KW Solar PV system will simply reduce your electricity consumption. It is not a UPS system, although through the use of a SMA Sunny Island and a battery bank, it is possible to both charge the batteries from the Solar array, and also to run the entire household using batteries and/or solar in the event of a grid failure. The SMA Sunny Island and battery bank can also be integrated at a later stage, as a second phase to the project.

Our own Grid Tied Solar system is online here:


  • 10 x JA Solar 300W modules, producing 3000W (Maximum rating)
  • SMA SunnyBoy SB3.0 Solar Grid Tie Inverter
  • Solar Cable linking Solar PV array to SMA Inverter
  • DC Distribution Board, with surge arrestors, fuses and circuit breakers
  • Solar array mounting structure (Assumes standard north facing tile roof, other roofing options are available, but can affect price)
  • Installation of the above (Typically a 2 day installation using a 2 man team)
  • Project planning and support
  • Additional SMA Home Manager 2, if required, – R12000 (Requires internet connection onsite)Excludes:
  • AC Connections and circuit breakers
  • AC Installation (To be done by certified electrician)
  • Consulting with local municipality regarding permission to feed into grid, if applicableNote:
  • Pricing is subject to a site visit and consultation
  • This system assumes a standard north facing tiled roof
  • Customers should consult their respective municipality to obtain permission to feed into the grid
  • AC Connections to be carried out by certified electrician