Suppliers of quality power products for the 4x4 and Outdoor Enthusiast


BushPower is a one-stop-shop dedicated to assisting overland travellers, home owners, small lodges and tented camps located in remote places with all their solar power requirements. At BushPower you will find a range of quality products at competitive prices, as well as everything needed to install your equipment. Besides solar panels and related items, the product range also includes a full range of DC to AC inverters, DC to DC power adapters for notebooks, deep cycle and high cycle batteries, battery protectors,  battery chargers, power backup units and UPS’s, lights, National Luna fridges and freezers and, of course, connectors, fuses, lugs and cables. All the products have been carefully chosen, are of a high quality and are offered at extremely competitive prices.

The company is geared to promote the use of renewable energy in the great outdoors. The hope is that over time, we will be able to increase the use of solar panels instead of fuel generators, idling 4x4s to recharge batteries, or using power points at caravan parks. In addition, the focus is on educating users of the technology on how to extend battery life, thereby reducing the number of batteries that are discarded, which in turn reduces the negative impact on the environment.

BushPower is owned and managed by Jacque Fernihough. Overlanding has always been a passion of mine and with the family growing, there has been more emphasis placed on camping comfortably. This implies additional cooling capacity, better lighting, AC power for iPads and cellphones etc. For the past 20 years, I have been experimenting with the use of solar power to enhance energy production in remote destinations and thought, what better way to put this experience into practice than to assist and advise like-minded overland travelers and other interested parties.

In April 2012, I took BushPower over from Renzo Blasa, who has assisted me in setting up the company in such a way as to also be able to offer quality products, top class service and practical advice to customers.

To show my commitment and belief in my products and solutions, I have put together a number of complete solar panel kits which are available for rent – this probably makes BushPower the only company in South Africa that rents complete solar panel kits. Whether you want to try before you buy, or simply prefer this cheaper alternative, take a look at the Solar Panel Rentals page for the details and costs.

Although I am based in Midrand Gauteng, most items – including solar panels – can be couriered countrywide or posted for an additional fee. Please see the How to Buy page for ordering and collection details.

If you need further information, whether technical or sales related, or have any suggestions, I would like to hear from you. All the contact details are available on the Contact Us page.