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Terms and Conditions of Sale

You agree to these terms of sale when making a purchase from BushPower or by viewing this web site. These terms do not replace our standard terms and conditions on our quotes / invoices.

  1. Products and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. BushPower is VAT registered, all prices include VAT.
  3. The BushPower web site is not an e-commerce web site – we do not accept orders or payments directly on the web site – an enquiry and written quotation is requested by the customer before a purchase can be made from the company. Our standard terms and conditions are given with each quote / invoice.
  4. When making a purchase, the customer agrees that he/she has made the necessary enquiries to ensure that the product suits his/her needs and requirements.
  5. Payment is in advance into our bank account. Goods will only be released upon BushPower’s bank confirmation of clearance of funds. Cheque payments will delay order processing by about 10 working days until the cheque has been cleared in our account.
  6. By arrangement, payment can be made in cash for orders that will be collected personally. However, a deposit will be required before your order will be processed.
  7. A quote does not imply that the items are in stock and customers must enquire about stock availability before making payment. Stock availability confirmation is only valid at the time when the enquiry was made, and unless the customer has requested for us to hold such stock, it will continue to be sold on a first come, first served basis. Stock availability is dependant on the stock that our suppliers hold.
  8. We offer you the option of an immediate refund if no stock is available.
  9. We make use of courier services for deliveries. Courier charges, and optional insurance charges, are paid by the customer. By arrangement, orders can also be collected at our premises in Midrand.
  10. Returns: no returns will be considered after 7 days from date of delivery. No goods are returnable should the items not be in a completely resaleable condition. A 15% handling fee will be charged on all items returned for credit.
  11. Due to their nature, electrical products cannot be returned for exchange or refund.
  12. Products supplied by BushPower carry the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period is different from product to product, and some products are not covered by any warranty. Some products sold under special conditions of sale may also not be covered by any warranty. Warranty only covers manufacturing faults and not physical damage of any kind.
  13. Warranty: we will support the original South African supplier’s warranty period for all products. If our supplier is not able to cover a warranty for any reason, then we will not be obliged to cover the warranty for any reason. From time to time, our suppliers change their warranty conditions and periods, and we will honour these new warranty terms and conditions. Warranty periods on our invoices are a reference and may be outdated, only the original supplier’s warranty period at that time is valid. It is assumed that the appropriate enquiries were made.
  14. Product failures due to blackouts, power surges and voltage fluctuations have increased in recent times. Where a product warranty applies, the product will be handed in for evaluation and repair irrespective of how new the product may be.
  15. For warranty returns, courier charges between BushPower and the customer, between the customer and suppliers, between the customer and the manufacturer’s representative, are paid by the customer.
  16. BushPower resells and distributes products and services on behalf of its suppliers, and by entering into a sale with BushPower, you agree that BushPower shall not be responsible or liable for any claim arising as a result of warranty issues, damages or losses that has occured through the use of their products. You agree that all responsibility lies with the manufacturers and original suppliers of these products, and that BushPower has made no guarantees or warranties to the appropriateness of any product. Our sole responsibility will be to communicate your concerns to the supplier and to return the product for inspection and possible repair to our original supplier, and on failing to receive a satisfactory solution to the problem, we will give you the correct contact details for the supplier or manufacturer involved so that the customer may take up the matter directly with that supplier or manufacturer. We may, at our discretion, return the product to the supplier from our own offices or premises.