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Genuine Anderson Products 175A 2 pole connector


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Brad Harrison connectors do not come in male and female forms. A single connector is both a plug and a socket. If you need to make a connection with Brad Harrison connectors, you need 2 connectors – you simply plug one into the other, and when you do so the positive and negative wires automatically connect together.

To connect them:

  • fit the cables to each connector
  • take one connector in one hand
  • take the other connector and turn it “upside down” with your other hand
  • push them together until they click, i.e. lock

    Current rating175A
    Voltage rating600V AC/DC
    Wire size53.5mm2
    Average contact resistance100 ??ohms
    Insulation withstanding voltage2200V AC/DC
    Life, no load, connect & disconnect10 000 cycles

    Price is per connector.